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GTA: San Andreas Comes Wednesday

less than 1 minute read

I tried calling on Thursday about my order of GTA: San Andreas. The customer service representative had just talked to another person that ordered it from th...

An Afternoon with the Secret Service

2 minute read

Brought to my attention by Wizbang, a LiveJournal user got visited by the secret service following an entry about wanting the president dead. Luckily for her...

2 minute read

Football Picks Week 8

1 minute read

I’m back after a hiatus last week. I forgot to write down my picks because I was going to my friend’s apartment for game one. The good news is that I’m going...

Comment Spam Gone Bezerk

less than 1 minute read

No sooner than Peter Cohen mentions getting more than 11,000 comment spams than I realize that I had been hit. I previously had less than five spam comments....