GTA: San Andreas Comes Wednesday

less than 1 minute read

I tried calling on Thursday about my order of GTA: San Andreas. The customer service representative had just talked to another person that ordered it from them.

From the way he talked about it, a lot of people had. They had almost 700 outstanding orders and only 290 copies coming in that they knew of. He was so frustrated with people calling and checking that he almost had a speech for me and it was extremely impatiently said. It’s not that I was getting belligerent (as I have been known to do).

Luckily, by ordering on the 25th of July, I guaranteed an early spot in their queue. I also got in on a sub $40 price (which has recently skyrocketed back up to approximately $50, the same as other retailers). I got a nice surprise on Friday to see that it had shipped. Starting Wednesday, I may not be posting as much, or at least nothing of length. Enjoy it for now.