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From How Wired.com Tracked the iPhone Finder:

In response to Wired.com’s scoop identifying the finder of the lost iPhone prototype, many have asked me how we did it. The process of uncovering digital footprints to identify Brian Hogan was indeed challenging and enlightening, so I thought I’d tell the story here. Heck, it might even teach police officers a thing or two so they don’t have to kick down doors.

Wired certainly deserves some credit for breaking the story. Initiative in this day and age of blogs usually get you the good kind of attention. However, it doesn’t give you free license to be a jackass and make smarmy comments that make no sense.

The facts are that:

  1. The police were able to search Jason Chen’s home because what they did can be considered illegal unto itself.
  2. There is no data to suggest that the police seized his drives to find the iPhone finder.
  3. Breaking the door down is completely justified because no one answered the door. Why? Because otherwise every two-bit cyber thug would simply ignore the police knocking on the door, delete all their data, and then let in the police. At which point, the police would be criticized and called inept for not breaking down the door. You’re naive if you believe otherwise.

Wired, kudos on your exclusive and please tone back the glib.