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Firefox 1.0 RC1: Tabs Done Right

1 minute read

I recently dumped Safari on my Macs in favor of Firefox. Nearly everything worked as I wanted, but one very important function was still misbehaving (at leas...

New Themes

less than 1 minute read

Check out the new styles. I’ve made “blue” the default, but I’m partial to orange myself.

What Curse?

less than 1 minute read

That’s right. It was the year!

Call Me Your Latin Lover

less than 1 minute read

Just for fun, I decided that I would check Bloglines related feeds feature on my weblog. The results were rather surprising. Every single “related” feed was ...

Opener Malware: The Straight Deal

4 minute read

After days of reporting about this story, I’m still rather disappointed by the coverage. Most writers have been pouring out pages of worthless hyperbole. Of ...