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Cable Modem Ordered

less than 1 minute read

Those of you that I talk to daily already know why I’m ordering a new D-Link DCM-202. Please don’t mention it in the comments. I’m going to be all superstiti...

iPhoto 5.0.3 Released

less than 1 minute read

Apple released the iPhoto 5.0.3 update yesterday. Normally, iApp updates aren’t particularly exciting. In fact, the details are excruciatingly boring.

Mac OS X 10.4.2 Released

6 minute read

I’ve already updated all the Macs in the house with no ill effects. The most visual difference is the addition of a Widget Manager (for those afraid to fiddl...

Roll Your Own Safari

1 minute read

Apple opened up a public CVS repository for WebKit, it made it possible to get the latest source, compile, and run it yourself. They even broke the steps to ...

Monk Season Premiere Tonight

1 minute read

Fire up your TiVo (or EyeTV in my case). Monk is back. I love the show, but not the way in which they’ve been jerking me around. First it was just on USA. Th...