iPhoto 5.0.3 Released

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Apple released the iPhoto 5.0.3 update yesterday. Normally, iApp updates aren’t particularly exciting. In fact, the details are excruciatingly boring.

Here are the changes according to Apple:

  • On Tiger, images are no longer color-shifted after editing (Mac OS X 10.4.2 update required)
  • Book layouts will not change when moving an image on a page
  • An issue was addressed that caused some book orders to be cancelled
  • Smart Albums will display correctly in other iLife applications

Normally, I’d ignore this and just install it, but the first bullet is the interesting one. It fixes a problem that has rather profound effects. Generally, it’s referred to as the iPhoto color shifting bug. The linked article is probably the best documentation of the bug I’ve seen (complete with animation). At any rate, it means I can start editing photos again.