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New iBooks and Mac minis

less than 1 minute read

Apple released new iBooks and Mac minis. All in all, the updates were really minor. The good news is that all Mac models now sport at least 512 MB of RAM. Th...

Konfabulating Your Life with Yahoo!

2 minute read

Along the lines of their other recent moves, like buying Flickr, Yahoo! has acquired Konfabulator. Longtime Mac fans should recognize the product and its aut...

Daylight Savings Time Makes Me Feel Sunny

1 minute read

Our lawmakers are hard at work. This time the pressing issue is extension of daylight savings time. The current plan is to extend it by a month total, three ...


1 minute read

Some time ago, I used Feedburner to make a new feed for the site. I called it the Superfeed and used their service to add in Flickr photos and bo...

less than 1 minute read