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London Tragedy

less than 1 minute read

London has been attacked. Four bombs have been set off in their public transportation systems.

43 Places

less than 1 minute read

I recently added a 43 Places page to the site. 43 Places is yet another website that’s under the Robot Co-op umbrella. You can track where you’ve been and wh...

Your Mac Jerks

1 minute read

I’ve been subscribed to Your Mac Life‘s podcast for some time now. I subscribed a long time back before I knew what to subscribe to. Basically, there was a s...

Podcasting Done Right… Almost

2 minute read

I stick up for Apple in most cases. This time, they’re on their own. I’m going to bash them for a couple mistakes

Gizmo, the Open Skype Alternative

less than 1 minute read

Looking through my inbox I came across a link to the Gizmo Project. Basically, it’s a nice face for the SIP protocol, similar to Skype (though Sk...