USB Overdrive Update Coming

1 minute read

As Logitech provides rather piss poor drivers for their mice, I’ve been using USB Overdrive. It’s a great product, but it lacks support for the MX1000’s horizontal scrolling features. No one had heard from the author since some time in 2003 (when the last version had been released). I tried writing to him, but like many others, got no response.

Good news for those that have been waiting (for side scrolling and Bluetooth support): he is still very much working on USB Overdrive and it shouldn’t be too long before a new version is released. He wrote the below on Versiontracker:

Many users are wondering if the USB Overdrive is still being developed and improved because one year went by since the last release. I’d like to reassure everyone that I’m still working actively on the Overdrive and that the Bluetooth version that many of you are waiting for is not far away. I had to spend some time with my (new) family during the past year and I had a lot of other work to do, but the USB Overdrive is still my main interest and I’m not about to let it down. I may not be able to reply to all the incoming email but I do read it all, and all the requests are taken into account. The current beta supports more wireless mouse models, can handle more buttons, knows about tilt wheels for horizontal scrolling, and fixes several minor UI bugs. Next on the horizon are Bluetooth support and a real System Preferences user interface, both of which are almost ready. Keep an eye on VersionTracker and thanks for your support!