Changed Anti-spam Packages

less than 1 minute read

I was using Kitten’s Spaminator to supplant WordPress’s built-in spam fighting abilities, but unfortunately, it was being far too aggressive. It said that Katie‘s recent comment was spam. It said the referrer was bad (it wasn’t). It also thought that the lack of email or URL was bad. Those three things were enough to label her post as spam. Not good. I had to retire the plugin from this site. If you tried to post and got rejected because of that, my apologies.

I’ve switched to Dr Dave’s Spam Karma which seems to be working. It has a terrific interface giving much better control and insight into how it works. The comment forms now give it credit and also list how many spams killed by it. Neat. As always though, none of these packages are infallible, so let me know if your comments get munged.