My New Favorite Show

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Yes, it’s geeky and there isn’t really much defending it, but my new favorite show is anime. It airs Thursday and Saturday nights on Adult Swim. Check their website for current showtimes.

WinryThe show of course is Fullmetal Alchemist. It’s about a pair of brothers extremely interested in alchemy, the science of making anything as long as you have the correct ingredients. They try revive their mother using this science/art, which is forbidden. They find out why. The older brother loses two limbs while the younger loses his entire body, being bonded to some empty armor.

The main reason I love the show though is the character, Winry (as seen to the left). Blonde, cute, smart, and mechanically inclined (she made Ed’s automail limbs), she’s everything a good geek like me looks for in a woman. Well, except of course being flesh and blood or non-fictional, but relationships are all about compromise. I’m willing to forgive those traits.