No Glove, No Love, Part 2 (or I Need a Seatbelt)

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You’re all very tired of hearing about my latest purchase. Well, I have a nice L.L. Bean briefcase-like laptop bag that I’ve been using for about 4 years now. It’s a great bag. It served me well all through college. What made it even better was that it’s computer compartment fit my old Powerbook (the Pismo) perfectly. It was tight and snug in its padded compartment. It even had it’s own sleeve type thing that fit it.

Well, now I have a problem. The new Powerbook is much smaller. It flops around even in the sleeve thing that came with the bag. Being overly careful with my electronics, and this purchase in particular, I want to make sure it doesn’t flop around and possibly get scratched or damaged (not that I think it’s that sensitive).

There are lots of options, almost too many to count. I’m narrowing in on a sleeve from Waterfield Bags, as I’ve heard good things.

Again, comments, suggestions are always welcome.