No Glove, No Love

1 minute read

Now that I’ve had my Pismo for 4 years, I’ve noticed some marks on the screen that aren’t oils or dirt. They’re scuff marks from my keyboard rubbing up against the screen. This has gotten exponentially worse since I actually started carrying my laptop to class with me (mostly because of the prevalence of wireless Internet available at U-Mass).

It’s such a widespread problem that companies started selling screen protectors. This includes Other World Computing, Radtech, Shaggymac, Acme Made, and Marware. I know there are even more than that, but I didn’t feel like writing out URLs all day.

With such such a large market and demand for these products, one would expect clear favorites to emerge from the various vendors. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Radtech seems to get the most press, with the most options and excellent pricing. Personally I’m leaning that way, but I’m also a big fan of OWC.

Making the decision even harder is the fact that many people keep reiterating that no such product is needed and that there is no chance of the keyboard touching the screen. However, I don’t remember much hubbub about people having this scuffing problem when the Pismos were released either. It seems to be a problem that develops later in the laptop lifespan. Honestly, I don’t want to be the poor sucker with the scuffed 12″ like all the people who in their first months of owning an AlBook claim these products aren’t necessary. Am I being paranoid? Probably. But why not spend the measly $15 on a protecting cloth that doubles as a cleaning cloth? I’ll probably just get a Radtech cloth and be done with it.

Leave comments if you have any opinions on this subject, including mini-reviews of products you’ve used.

Update: I got myself the Radtech ScreenSavrz partly thanks to one member at Macworld Forums pushing me. It doubles as a cleaning cloth. I’ll have a mini-review when it arrives.