The Big Move to Woburn

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Labor Day weekend, the project that I’m working on at Raytheon will be migrated to Raytheon’s new facility in Woburn from the old one at Bedford. Now, it’s not that I dislike Bedford or anything about it, but the new building (which was originally Genuity’s) is simply amazing.

Nearly every surface is either glass or mirrors, which is actually a little disorienting. Every time I was waiting at the elevator, I’d think it was open because the reflection off the mirrored doors was so clean and clear, I swore I was seeing the inside of the compartment.

Other than that, it’s superior to Bedford in nearly every way. All the parking spaces are in a garage and there’s a covered bridge into the building. The building essentially has its own exit off route 93, which will be convenient not only while still living in Northborough, but once I move out and get my own place. There’s even a Target and a train station within walking distance.

Maybe this is just an indication that I get excited about mundane stuff though.