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Derik the Camel

less than 1 minute read

Being the vain man that I am, I google myself every once in a while. I feel the compulsion, if for no other reason because I’m afraid of Derik Farnsworth ove...

Merry Christmas

less than 1 minute read

Merry Christmas to all the Christians in the audience. I hope you find your hopes and dreams under the tree.

Standardizing the Feed Icon

3 minute read

A big ado was made when the Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer team announced they would use Firefox’s feed icon. I guess it’s better than yet another icon,...

WRT54G(S), I Think I Love You

2 minute read

Next to my TV, I have an EyeHome and a Playstation 2 (with ethernet adapter). I originally bought a D-Link DWL-G810 wireless to ethernet bridge. That way, de...

Gmail Gains Groups

1 minute read

Google, little by little, is trying to draw me into using Gmail full time. The latest round of feature additions include a vacation auto-responder (something...