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Macworld Expo San Francisco

5 minute read

Love to see your comments about MacWorld 2006 on your blog, if you have any. This year will be my first as an attendee, and I plan on drinking Steve’s Koo...

The Day Netflix told me No More

less than 1 minute read

It’s official. I have way too many movies in my queue. I tried to add Suspiria to my Netflix queue, only to get the following response.

1 minute read

Puking on Prefs

1 minute read

I’ve been trying to get keychain syncing to work between my two Macs. You’d think that the login keychains would sync (especially since .Mac syncing is suppo...

burp Senseo on the Way

less than 1 minute read

I was checking activity on my credit cards today only to find a $15 charge I couldn’t remember. Then it came to me. The free Senseo carried a $15 shipping an...