Gmail Gains Groups

1 minute read

Google, little by little, is trying to draw me into using Gmail full time. The latest round of feature additions include a vacation auto-responder (something I think ends up being unintentionally annoying) and contact groups. I was so excited to see the latter feature. I thought it would end my auto-filing problems. The truth be know, I filter my email more than anyone I know. Half of my email is auto-filed away from my inbox. The other half is colored according to who its from, allowing me to color prioritize. Purple is family email. Blue is from friends. So on and so forth.

However, creating a simple filter in Gmail to apply my “friends” label to email is painful. I need to create a rule for each of my friends. That’s painful. Beyond that, if I decide to change the behavior of mail from friends, I need to alter each of those already created rules. That sucks. I thought now that there are contact groups, I’d be able to select messages based upon messages from people being in that group. However, you can’t. It’s simply for addressing emails. Bah. That’s half implementation.

Until Google beefs up its filtering capabilities, I’ll have to keep using genuine (non web) email clients.