The Big News

less than 1 minute read

After recently hinting that I had something big to share, the time has come to let everyone know what it is. Macworld has taken me on as one of two regular contributers to their new MacUser blog. This is an incredible opportunity and I couldn’t be happier to be involved with this project.

I’ll be writing extremely regularly over there, though the pieces will be much, much shorter compared with my pieces here. I will be writing the occasional extended rant on MacUser, but nothing compared to here.

The downside is that as a side effect, my posting here will probably continue at its current slow pace. I originally intended to post daily here, but I’ve since figured out that’s not quite my style and I was always searching for something to comment upon, even when there wasn’t anything that really interested me. I also didn’t want to write one liners because my analysis seems to garner much more positive attention.

At any rate, check the site out if you’re interested in or use Macs. I hope to see some comments!