Create Your Own Planet

1 minute read

I’d hope that readers of my weblog would be familiar with Planet d00dism. It’s a website run with Planet Planet that uses my various RSS feeds to construct an aggregation of what I’m doing online (stolen wholesale from Erik Benson). There’s even an RSS feed for it. However, installing the software (which still hasn’t had a formal release), is a bit much for most people. Some don’t even have proper web hosting.

That’s why I was so excited to read that 43People has added this capability. By default, it includes your 43Things, 43Places, 43People, and All Consuming.

Sidebar: Look me up on 43People and make sure you mark me as someone you know.

You can take a look at my feeds page to see what I’ve added. The absolutely coolest feature is that if you’re a Netflix subscriber (don’t forget you can add me as a friend there too) and you add your activity feed, it will automatically add and update when you’re consuming and have finished consuming your movies. I used to do that manually, but then I got lazy. Now my All Consuming page is going to be regularly updated. I can tag and write entries at my leisure without worrying about forgetting to enter the movies when I get them. Sweet.

Get an account and tell me the address so I can subscribe to your RSS feed.