Hollywood: Same Shit, Different Pile

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Was making the movie Zathura necessary? Really? It’s about a couple boys who find a board game that propels their house into a space adventure. Does that sound familiar? That’s Jumanji, except in space instead of the jungle.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. There’s no Robin Williams, or even young, hot, Kirsten Dunst. Instead, we have Dax Shepard (I’ve never heard of him either) and two young boys. Oh, and Tim Robbins. I can understand the younger actors getting involved, but Tim Robbins. I should send this, if I had his address.

Dear Tim,

Fire your agent. He’s a moron.

Your friend, Derik

In all fairness, this actually a sequel of sorts to Jumanji, but didn’t we get our fill of that plot in the first movie? Is there an original idea in all of California? Based upon the script ideas in Query Letters I Love, it doesn’t seem like it. Hell, this summer was all remakes and sequels.

There’s a reason I’ve seen a single movie in theaters in the last three months. It’s not because it’s expensive (that only helps).