Tiger Release Date Announced

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Imagine my surprise when I read of the Tiger release announcement (April 29th) showed up in Bloglines (which I’m only using instead of NetNewsWire because I’m at work). It was almost anticlimactic. Months and months of anticipation built to a single moment when I read that it was (nearly) here and I let out a soft oh.

As usual, MacCentral has done a nice writeup. I’m sure every other Mac news site will have a piece on it, so stop by then if you’ve got some weird aversion to MacCentral.

WIth this out, we can finally put to bed the stupid Amazon rumors. It wasn’t March 31st as originally listed, nor was it May 31st as their recent rebate suggested. The date is April 29th, so the next time around, can we please ignore Amazon.com? Please?

Stop by the Apple Store to reserve your copy and Apple’s OS X site to drool over pictures and feature descriptions.

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