Call Me Sometime

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So, I’ve heard lots and lots about Skype, the free Internet telephony service. Macworld noticed it early on, but that wasn’t enough for me to perk up. I mean, with iChat AV (which is full video conferencing), why would I care?

I didn’t realize how cross-platform, flexible, and feature-filled it really is. Whether you use Windows, Linux, or a Mac, you can call your friends across town or the globe for free. Remember your hot French penpal that you got tired of writing to? Now you can talk dirty to them without thought of a huge phone bill. In fact, it’s so easy that even your tech stupid relatives can use the software.

Now, what if you want to call someone without an Internet connection or computer? You can buy for a modest fee phone time to any normal phone number. That’s cool, but what if they’re not around when you call? You can buy a phone number for your Skype account (a flat yearly fee). Let’s say you’re not in. You can buy voicemail service from them.

Now I ask you, how cool is that?

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