Trackback Ethics

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Trackback Ethics But this isn’t about squabbling between bloggers. I’m more interested in the question, “What is trackback for?” or “What is ethical Trackback?” I’m not sure. From what I’ve read, Trackback is just a ping to tell someone that you’ve written / blogged / quoted something similar or on the same topic (Wikipedia). I was continuing Scoble’s discussion of blog promotion. I tracked back discussions of it. Was that wrong? Elliott Back asks some interesting questions about trackbacks. I think the concept and its appropriateness is all too often not explained well. I’m new to the blogging game so I won’t pretend to know everything. I will say that this problem is likely to get much worse as blogging packages are becoming increasingly accessible to laymen. It might be time for blogging package makers to take a little responsibility to explain these concepts better to new users.