12 Beers and Some PHP Later

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I visited Amherst to spend some time with Scott and to see bob’s new apartment. Friday night’s plan was to do a little drinking in the dorms and reminisce. Well, one beer begot two, two begot three, and so on until I finally finished all twelve beers I had. I was feeling great at that point, but that didn’t last.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick, but I was barely awake and still quite intoxicated. Because of my recent troubles with my blog here and the fact that my host suggested it was the PHP code, I was having a dream about dealing with some troublesome PHP code.

I had no idea I was no longer in the dream, so when I crawled to the end of Scott’s bed and things came back up, I thought it was because of the PHP code. I woke Scott up and he asked if I was all right. I naturally said “PHP code shouldn’t make me puke. I don’t understand.” This confused Scott to no end (and rightly so).

I’ve learned my lesson. Alcohol and programming languages don’t mix.