Partriots Win Season Opener

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After a nail-biting three hours, the Patriots pulled out a win against the Indianapolis Colts.

It was nail-biting, of course, only because of some sloppy play near the end by both teams. A couple fumbles and a botched punt return put Indianopolis in good position to score with a first down. After a couple weak downs, Indianapolis tried once more on their third down to jockey for better position. To Manning’s chagrin, McGinest sacked him for a huge loss.

It pushed them back so far that it put them out of effective range for a field goal and their kicker missed, resulting in a three point margin of victory for the Patriots.

Sounds all good, right? Wrong. In typical sports commentator style, they awarded Tom Brady with the MVP award for the game. Apparently McGinest saving the game for the Patriots just wasn’t enough.