Who Needs Nomar? Not Me

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While apparently scores of children are crying about his departure, I’m glad Nomar is gone. Not only did he have a bad attitude (as teammates revealed), but he was frequently hurt and really didn’t want to be here (as is evidenced by his refusal of a $60 million 3 year deal while hurt).

His bat may have finally started to return just before his trade, but I don’t care. His errors hurt the Red Sox efforts more than his batting helped. Cabrera may not be the best hitter (currently floating just above a .200 batting average) but his fielding skills are excellent and is the key difference between the Red Sox winning and losing.

With that, I say goodbye to Nomar. I wish him good luck with the rest of career; he’s going to need it if he thinks he’s getting a deal half as good as the Red Sox offered.