Apple Update Frenzy and Verizon Can Lick My Nuts

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Apple has not only released an OS update for Panther and a security update for Jaguar, but they’ve also included several other key updates:

  • iPhoto 2.0.1
  • Java 1.4.2 Update 1
  • iSync 1.5

I don’t feel like linking them up, so hit Software Update or your favorite software update site (like Versiontracker).

iSync 1.5 brings support for new devices, including the Motorola V710 (Verizon’s first Bluetooth phone). The bad news is that Verizon will be crippling the V710 to promote sales in their own ring-tone service. That means that syncing will take place over a USB cable only. While this is better than nothing, it means I’ll either be waiting to see if a Nokia Bluetooth phone will grace Verizon’s lineup with fully functional Bluetooth or get a cheaper Motorola with USB syncing (like the V60s). It’s disappointing to say the least.