Sliders DVD

1 minute read

I’ve always been a big fan of the TV show Sliders. It was immediate, starting with the debut on Friday night on Fox a long time ago. I tuned in as often as I could to watch their adventures (this was at a time in my life when I was still working until 9 every Friday and starting to develop a social life). Sure, it was geeky, but then again, if you look up at your location bar, there isn’t much denying.

The show quickly faded from view as most of Fox’s Friday night shows do. Does anyone else remember Millenium? The show resurfaced on the Sci-Fi channel some time later, with new episodes. Eventually, the show got canned.

I wasn’t even aware of the Sci-Fi episodes as I didn’t get cable for a long time and at first, it wasn’t included with our cable package. This past school year, I became aware of the fact that Sliders was back on Sci-Fi in rerun form at 10AM every morning. I started watching every morning and realized how much I missed the show.

Now that every show and its spinoff is going to DVD, I thought that I could get Sliders on DVD. Despite a lot of discussion and rumor about DVDs, none were actually for sale. I finally went back to check after a Macworld Forums thread reminded me. The first two seasons are available on DVD at for $62.99 (as of 6/28). Any respectable fan should be filling in their credit card information… now.