Kame Hame Ha!!

1 minute read

I finally broke down and bought Dragonball Z: Budokai 2. It was on sale for $20 and while I was at it, I got Budokai 1 (again for $20). I was looking forward to comparing the two games, but unfortunately, the first Budokai was out of stock (even though it was the one not on sale).

So, I’m sure you’re dying to know how it is. I’ll tell you. It’s pretty good. The game play is decent and the moves are pretty cool. What problems do I have with the game? It’s a little complicated for one. You get these cards describing new items. Sometimes it’s a new character, a new move, or a new arena. However, sometimes they’re items. If it’s an item or move, it shows up in your list of capsules (confused yet?). How you enable these capsules for characters isn’t obvious. Once you go to do this, sometimes you can’t enable them (but there is no explanation of why). Once you figure it out, it’s not so bad.

Another problem is the lack of characters at first. You can’t even play as Vegeta at first. Vegeta damnit!! Luckily this can be fixed by playing the narrative mode of the game, but knowing which characters to pick as allies and whom to fight in order to unlock these characters is not obvious. I personally looked online because I don’t have the patience to try out all the combinations (which would take forever because who you can fight is based upon the level you’re at and you can’t choose to arbitrarily fight them).

Other than that, it’s a good game. I’ve unlocked Vegeta, so it won’t long before poor deluded Bob tries to beat me with him.