Exercise Sucks

1 minute read

Bob dragged me to the gym in my junior year (as I had no excuse not to go). In the months that followed, my body finally got into shape and made me worthy of the title “Greek God.” Unfortunately, in the summer that followed, instead of the usual manual labor I did for a job, I got an internship at Raytheon, giving me a taste of office life.

I got lazy. I stopped going to the gym because work took up so much of my time during the day. My girlfriend at the time didn’t care and neither did I. When I got back to school, I thought I could get back into working out. I did for a while, until senior year pressure got to me. Most of my time was focused on schoolwork and the little time I had left over I spent on the ‘puter.

Well, now that I’m single again (no, that had nothing to do with no longer working out) and soft, I feel it’s time I took up the barbell again. Not only am I going to lift weights this time, but I’ve decided to run too. I started today by running about a mile and a half followed by half an hour of lifting weights. Given, my iPod made it a little more enjoyable, but working out alone is terrible. There’s no one there to motivate you. No one to get you started. Without that motivation, I don’t feel like doing it again, which is a bad thing.