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G5 iMacs Arrive

1 minute read

After a long iMac-less summer, Apple has announced the new iMacs with full specs and pictures.

HP Begins Selling the iPod

less than 1 minute read

Months after the announcement that they would do so, HP has begun selling the iPod. Different faceplates can be gotten through HP (thought I believe they are...

MacCentral Undergoes Re-Design

3 minute read

As probably nearly all readers of this site know, I am a volunteer moderator over at Macworld’s Forums. Macworld recently revamped their website and accompan...

Leggo my Medal!

1 minute read

Following a Paul Hamm’s dramatic recovery from a mistake during the overall gymnastics competition at the Olympics, we all learned of a scoring error that wo...

Finding an Apartment

less than 1 minute read

The week after next I’ll be working in Woburn instead of Bedford. This makes for a longer commute from my home. My parents will also be selling this house an...