G5 iMacs Arrive

1 minute read

After a long iMac-less summer, Apple has announced the new iMacs with full specs and pictures.

I’d list them here, but I figure there’s not much point. You can all read. Of note is the fact that the iMacs are using a system bus that is a third of the processor speed. This is a first for G5’s, but probably won’t have a large effect upon performance. They’ve also adopted a new form factor that has essentially moved the entire guts of the machine into the LCD frame. This begs the question, why couldn’t they make a G5 Powerbook again? I won’t go off on a rant about misplaced priorities at Apple again. I’m sure that can come back another day.

Gone is the 15″ iMac. 17″ and 20″ are the only two sizes. They are widescreen, keeping with Apple style, but to contain all the computer parts, there is a rather large white (unsightly) border below the screen. I’m not saying I don’t like the new iMac. It seems like a very nice computer. It didn’t wow me like the original flat panel iMac did though. The iMac G4 made me question whether I wanted a Powermac. That’s not the case this time around.

I do see this as a great machine for many consumer users. The iMac is back to being a really tight integrated machine again. While the swivel arm was great and functional, it did make the iMac a little less all-in-one like. I’d also like to note how it resembles the 20th Anniversary Mac. I can think of one person this computer is perfect for already, mother dearest. She spends most of her time at home in the kitchen. It’s hard enough getting her to touch a computer, nevermind dragging her upstairs into my father’s study to sit her down at his old frankenstein of a Mac. Putting this on the kitchen counter would give her instantaneous access to a new world of things.

At any rate, check it out. It may have been what you were waiting for.