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Security Update 2005-002

less than 1 minute read

Apple’s sticking with the new security update naming convention. Security Update 2005-002 is primarily a Java fix.

iPods in $50 Increments

1 minute read

Apple updated its line of iPod MP3 players. Specifically, the iPod mini and the iPod photo. The mini now comes in two sizes, and the photo had some pronounce...

Drop the Job to Blog

6 minute read

Blogger icon Jason Kottke of has decided to make blogging a career. It’s a bold move to say the least. I must admit that I only recently (and by r...

Those Daffy Spammers

less than 1 minute read

Just when you think those porn pushing, pill selling, poker playing swindlers had done everything in their power to try to get into your email box (and my co...

My New Favorite Show

less than 1 minute read

Yes, it’s geeky and there isn’t really much defending it, but my new favorite show is anime. It airs Thursday and Saturday nights on Adult Swim. Check their ...