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Football Picks Week 1

1 minute read

So I’m currently 4 out of 5 and Henry forgot to pick confidence so he didn’t get any points (Henry, if you’re reading this, fix it before this weekend).

4 minute read

Football Picking

less than 1 minute read

I know it’s late notice, but I just got turned on to Yahoo’s Football Pick’em page (like what I did last year, but automated, so scrap that idea).

Survey Says

1 minute read

When it becomes time to buy a house or condo, you start thinking about the various attributes that properties have. Which is the most important? Anybody will...

Recommended Trident White Usage

1 minute read

I couldn’t hold this one back. I picked up some Trident White gum at Walmart. “White” promises whiter teeth in as little as four weeks. Sounds easy enough. I...