Football Picks Week 1

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So I’m currently 4 out of 5 and Henry forgot to pick confidence so he didn’t get any points (Henry, if you’re reading this, fix it before this weekend).

  1. smudie (101)
  2. Katie (89)
  3. Mike (85)
  4. Me (81)
  5. Henry (** explained above)

It’s a little embarressing. For a scot living in France, Stuart knows his football. In fact, he did better than anyone in my work football group.

Here’s my picks ordered from least confidence to most. Real winners are bold. Bold are picks that I had right. Italics are ones that I was wrong.

  1. Detroit vs. Green Bay
  2. San Diego vs. Dallas
  3. New York Giants vs. Arizona
  4. Kansas City vs. New York Jets
  5. Jacksonville vs. Seattle
  6. Denver vs. Miami
  7. Buffalo vs. Houston
  8. Washington vs. Chicago
  9. Minnesota vs. Tamba Bay
  10. St. Louis vs. San Fransisco
  11. Philadelphia vs. Atlanta
  12. Indianapolis vs. Batlimore
  13. Carolina vs. New Orleans
  14. Cincinnatti vs. Cleveland
  15. Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee
  16. New England vs. Oakland

What’s interesting is that no one, save Stuart, thought New Orleans would win, not even Henry. That was a real coup. Other notable upsets were San Fransisco, Dallas, and Atlanta. As much as I hate St. Louis, I’m still surprised they lost to San Fransisco.

Everyone thought Minnesota was going to win over Tampa Bay, but it’s looking like they’ll be the big losers this year without Moss.

Having seen all the teams play, it’ll be interesting to see if everyone’s accurary improves or gets worse, particularly Stuart.