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My coworkers haven’t seen me without my Morf stress ball since I got it at Staples. I constantly have to do something with my hands and it occupied them. squish squish

I was sitting at my desk, listening to a podcast, and looking at my computer screen. All of a sudden, I heard a squirting sound and something touching my shoulder. I froze. What was that? I looked over at my shoulder and all over my shirt was a bunch of yellow goo. A tiny hole opened itself as I squeezed and the contents were now decorating my shirt.

Fabulous. The stress ball couldn’t take the stress. My attempts to rinse the goo off were unsuccessful. Of course that put me in a terribly pissy mood. However, according to their site, the goo will wash out.

If a MORF ball leaks its gravy-like contents onto clothing rest assured that since the coloring comes from food-grade dye, it will wash out completely in one or two trips to the washing machine. Use a spot remover like “Spray n Wash” if the area has dried or hardened. Try to wash it out as soon as possible. Red-colored gravy make take multiple wash cycles.

Update: You’ll be glad to know it washed out (warning: it was the yellow and not the red as Andy pointed out). I also will not be buying another.