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Anyone that’s been a member of Macworld’s forums for a significant amount of time may remember the “Gabbery” forums. They were a haven of off-topic conversation with its own unique flavor. It ultimately had to come to an end. That story is for another time though.

One of the leading contributors was a member named Passenger. He was passionate and believed in what he said. That’s a rare trait now. When the “Gabbery” forums were disbanded, one of the members, Kahloz, started a new forum at his own website. Passenger made the migration with a few others. For months (or a year, I can’t remember), we talked about all topics, routinely getting on one another’s nerves.

There were times that I hated Passenger’s guts, but I always had to respect him. Eventually, the new community disbanded (history repeating I suspect) and most of us went our separate ways. Then the other day, Stryder, whom participated in the Kahloz forums, contacted me the other day. I was rather surprised as we never really personally spoke. It turned out that Passenger had passed away (see also Kahloz’s entry).

Pass and I hadn’t debated in a very long time, but I’ll still miss the guy. I hope he finds peace wherever he is.