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I have a habit of getting very little sleep during the week and sleeping excessively on the weekends. It was a system that worked great from the beginning of high school on. At some point though, this changed. If I really cut my sleep short, like less than five hours a night for several nights, my eyes start getting really irritated.

I honestly can’t figure it out. First, my right eye starts to feel really itchy. I rub my eye to try to get rid of what seems to be an eyelash, only nothings really there. Naturally, it gets all red and bloodshot. Super. Naturally everyone notices and feels some kind of irrepressible urge to tell me. Hey, Derik, your eyes are really bloodshot. Gee, thanks, I had no idea. I’ve just been rubbing it all day because it feels so damn good. The next question is Is that pinkeye? Well, I don’t know, but considering I don’t have any of the symptoms other than redness and an itch and that it goes away after a good night’s sleep (or two), I don’t think so.

Maybe I should go to the doctor at some point and get it checked out. I just lack the motivation. So I sit here this morning, hoping that getting a little more sleep between last night and tonight that my eyes will be cleared up for tomorrow.