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My obsession as of late has been RSS and blogging in general. To that end, I’ve been preaching about getting an RSS reader, etc. For most people, that’s a bit daunting. I think I may have found the solution. Check out Bloglines. There are other websites that give web access to RSS/Atom feeds, such as Blo.gs.

Let’s face it though, Blo.gs’ interface Blo.ws. It’s ugly, slow, and hard to deal with. It also assumes, for the most part, that users are already familiar with RSS and how it works. It also relies on the authors of those feeds pinging those services (though Ping-o-Matic has made this easy for conscious bloggers).

Bloglines not only looks better and is faster, but it allows for any feed to be added to your list, makes adding common feeds easier, and polls those feeds for you periodically. It also gives you a free blog. Livejournal and Blogger have already made inroads into this, but Livejournal is slow and obtuse. Blogger, well, it’s ok.

In addition to all these selling points, it’s free. Major RSS readers are also adding support for it. Feeddemon already has a beta to this end, and NetNewsWire (the best RSS reader ever, as far as I’m concerned) will be adding support soon.

So what are you waiting for? Go get an account!