December 2005 tis the Season of “Best of”

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I’ve become really addicted to Digg. Slashdot has simply become too slow and excludes far too many worthy stories. The unfortunate side effect is that some stories get more attention than they really deserve.

This month, it was a whole class of stories: “Best of”. Pseudonyms include “things you didn’t know about”, “things you should download”, and “things for new blank users”. They’re just lists of things that people like. They’re not noteworthy and usually, they’re not even original.

The story that was the straw that broke the camel’s back was 10 Apps Every New Mac User Should Download. I like and use many of the applications on his list.

None of them are particularly original. Honestly, I don’t even think every new Mac user should download them. I don’t think Mom is going to get just how cool Quicksilver is. Heck, how many people actually need Nvu, the web page editor? That aside, does this topic need to be rehashed three times a day, particularly when new versions of these apps have their own Digg stories?

Is it really practical to run 50 Firefox extensions when some of them don’t even work with the current version? Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers & Designers. How about a list of the 10 most mediocre, unremarkable pieces of software?

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