iTunes 5 is Dead; Long Live iTunes 6

less than 1 minute read

According to live news updates out of Apple’s press conference today, iTunes 6 will be introduced today.

You didn’t misread that. Barely a month after its introduction, iTunes 5 has been superceded by iTunes 6. A month. Good lord.

It’s official: iTunes 5 was most meaningless iTunes update ever. Either that, or we can expect iTunes 7 at Thanksgiving, earning it the name “iTunes Turkey Edition”. That will be followed by a Christmas version 8 with an all red and green interface.

The question jumbling around in my brain is “Is video the only addition in this version?” From what I read, it is. iTunes already had rudimentary video support. Why, oh why didn’t Apple just bump the version to 5.5 (at most, I think 5.1 would be more appropriate). It would explain why Apple didn’t change iTunes’ icon color (minor, yes, but it was enough to bug me).

Honestly, Apple is getting a little loosey goosey with iTunes versioning. It’s time to reign it back in.