NetNewsWire Acquired by NewsGator

less than 1 minute read

To be fair, I didn’t use NewsGator until this morning when I heard rumors of this move on the NetNewsWire mailing list. I’ve always been a Bloglines fan myself. However, the NNW/Bloglines synchonization left a lot to be desired, mostly due to deficiencies in Bloglines’s API.

Now that NewsGator has acquired NetNewsWire, it looks like I may finally get the cross-computer, cross-platform syncing I’ve been craving (much like what IMAP does for my email). It also looks like I’ll get access to FeedDemon, which was also acquired.

For those cases when I’m not at one of my Macs or my work PC, I’ll be able to get my news through a web interface which upon cursory examination looks very similar to Bloglines. All in all, it looks like a terrific move and I’m looking forward to the next version of NNW.