Proud Homeowner

1 minute read

Close friends already know that I just bought a townhouse in Tewksbury, Massachusetts (reducing my commute time to under half an hour). This is the big secret that I made reference to in earlier posts. I closed on Thursday.

Originally, I planned on posting that day or on Friday along with pictures. However, due to all the work associated with trying to move in, I haven’t had time (as evidenced by my light posting). The pictures are taken, but now I need to download them from the camera and get them properly loaded onto Flickr. That’s another lengthy task I couldn’t get around to.

More observant readers may have been able to pick on the context clues, such as buying a cable modem and talking about getting Vonage. I’m sure I said other stuff that gave it away. It wasn’t really trying to keep it under wraps. I wanted to simply not crow about it, possibly putting a jinx on the deal (which I still believe was possible).

It’s been a very long hard road to get to home ownership. I didn’t really have a good guide to it. Because of this, I decided to add yet another direction for the site. I’m going to document my entire struggle, beginning to end. I’ll be changing names (except when I’m rewarding people for really helping me) because some of the stories are extremely embarrassing or at least I imagine it would be.

I’ll also be documenting major and minor repairs that I’ll be performing as a new homeowner. Let’s face it. When you watch This Old House and the carpenter is doing things that he’s done a million times before, it’s frustrating because he doesn’t touch on the finer points that a newbie wouldn’t know.

Hopefully I can help some people out. If not, the pictures should be fun to look at.