Mega Man Redux

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Any good child of the eighties played the original Nintendo and loved it. They loved every cartridge blowing, standing two inches from the TV playing Duckhunt, square, blister causing controller minute of it. Mega Man was a rocking game during that time. It was so popular that he was a character on the awesome Saturday morning cartoon, Captain N.

Do you remember that high quality, 8-bit saturating effect when you started a level? You can see that all the time, even without playing the game, with the amazing MegaManEffect. You’ll have chills when you see the graphics and hear the sounds, or maybe that’s just me.


What’s even more satisfying is what the developer says about a Windows version:

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about a Windows version of this. Sorry but I don’t use Windows anymore and have no interest in making a port.

I’m sure those 15 variations of Barbie’s Playhouse that Windows users can get at Best Buy will soften the blow.