Safari Stand, a New Toy

less than 1 minute read

I revisited PimpMySafari and one of the three must have utilities was Safari Stand. I wasn’t sure I would be impressed and I’m always afraid of slowing down Safari with more stuff. I’ve been keeping it pretty lean with just PithHelmet and AcidSearch.

So far, I like what it brings to the table. It has a lot of neat features, like adding keyword searching, auto download window closing, and my personal favorite, source editing. You can visit a web page, tweak the source code and see the result of your change right in the Safari window.

You don’t really think they had the following headline at CNN, did you?

Larry Likes Butter

Well, it’s not entirely unbelievable, but I doubt it’s front page news. Anyway, at the low, low price of free, Safari Stand is worth a download.