All Consuming Consumed by 43 Things

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One of the neatest things I’ve found lately is the proliferation of websites to manage aspects of your life publicly. Seeing as I’m not totally privacy paranoid, it’s a fun hobby. I recently discovered All Consuming which was created by Erik Benson. It’s a neat way to track books, music, and movies that you’re reading, listening to, and watching respectively.

Robot Co-op, the company that runs 43 Things, bought it up. This means that the two services will soon be intertwined. 43 Things is one of the sources on Tag Central but unfortunately All Consuming is not because they don’t supply RSS feed for their tags. Hopefully that will change.

Erik also does a very neat thing with his site. He collects all his data from many sites into a single place using Bloglines. It’s ultra-slick. I almost do this with Feedburner, collecting my Flickr and data into the feed. However, at press time, they still don’t allow addition of arbitrary RSS feeds, which is really disappointing. I think I’ll start an aggregation a la Erik’s site sometime soon so I don’t feel pressed to publish all the time. I’ll keep you updated.