Dave Winer, an Appropriate Name

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People that are big into blogging will recognize Dave Winer as a hugely important figure. However, like many great people, he suffers from an ego problem.

Wired ran an interview by Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing fame with Adam Curry, famous for various reasons, but currently because of the wildly popular Daily Source Code podcast.

In response to which, Dave Winer threw a fit. You know when people are taking the mature approach to an issue when they say things like:

At some point he’s going to need some friends, and then I’m going to kick him in the ass, and then look him in the eye and say “Shouldn’t have lied so much, dickhead.”

Lovely and eloquent. The last time I called someone a dickhead was… let me check my calendar… 3rd grade?

Adam took the ball and ran with it in his latest podcast. Needless to say, it was a slam dunk. Xeni even tried to placate Dave. She clarified (as Adam did as well) that Adam did give Dave credit, but it simply got cut due to article focus and length. It was nothing nefarious.

Better than leave it alone, Dave felt compelled to respond again. The complete lack of maturity on his part is simply astounding. It’s hard to believe that someone so instrumental in the blogging and podcasting communities can’t check his ego at the door and look at things for what they really are.

Anyway, Adam does take credit for work he didn’t do. You might want to check on that Xeni, it might be more interesting than the cookie-cutter bullshit puff piece you just wrote.

Rather than substantiating his claim about Adam being a glory hog (pot, meet kettle), he decides to take a cheap shot at Xeni. In fact, he seems to completely drop his original beef that Adam was taking all the credit in the interview. That’s telling.

Edit: Let’s not forget him throwing another fit at a lecture on civility. Yes, the irony is thick.