Tiger… Monday?

1 minute read

Okay, so the title for this entry would have been much cooler if Tiger were arriving tomorrow. Tiger Tuesday! I could have had fame and fortune. Instead, I’ll have Tiger one day earlier and be a nobody.

Anyway, posting won’t be on the agenda tonight. I hope to cover one Tiger feature a day. The order I cover those features is still up in there air though. Any of you out there interested in seeing my take on a particular feature first, please leave a comment. I plan on taking a lot of screenshots because no one can get enough.

My informal list of features to cover is:

  • Dashboard
  • Spotlight
  • Safari RSS (I’ll probably be sticking with NetNewsWire, but I’ll give Safari a whirl)
  • Automator
  • .Mac Sync
  • Mail
  • Core API stuff if I can find apps that show them off

I think of particular note on Apple’s Mac OS X page is the sidebar region of the page. It has a running listing of new plugins for Tiger’s new technologies. This is further reinforcement that Apple wanted to aim this release at developers heavily. While some users may see little value at first, six months down the road, we won’t know how we lived without it.