Overdue Tag Central Update

1 minute read

Over the past few days, I’ve the site has been in transition to a new webhost. There were lots of reasons I did this, but hopefully the process has been mostly transparent. Probably the most notable change is that Tag Central now has its own domain name, tagcentral.net. I used a bit of URL rewriting trickery to transparently forward all old style Tag Central URLs (http://godlikenerd.com/tagcentral/xxxxxxx) to the new domain.

Moving it also gave me enough motivation to make a few changes that I’ve been meaning to make. First, I’ve upgraded to the latest version of MagpieRSS which seems to be a bit more tolerant of characters in feeds that don’t match the stated character encoding scheme. Right now, that’s the biggest pain in the ass for me because it means that I can’t easily test that the site still validates because those characters make the validator choke. This isn’t a problem in my site, nor is it a problem in MagpieRSS. No, it’s a problem within specific sources of the site. I’m not going to name names, but if one is putting out an RSS feed and calling it UTF-8, it should be UTF-8, damnit.

Finally, I used the related tag parsing code that Matt over at Oddiophile sent to me, so that prefaces the results. I hope people find that useful.

I still have to add some new sources (thanks to everyone that has sent me an overwhelming number of folksonomy using services), but I’m holding off on that until I figure out how to tighten up the code so I use a loop instead of rewriting the same code over and over. I’ll also be adding some administrative links at the bottom of the page.