Wizbang Needs to Clean House

1 minute read

I like to read a variety of blogs and get a variety of opinions. Instapundit is still the best way to do get a full sampling. I forgot how I found Wizbang, but I enjoyed reading a lot of the content.

Fast forward to a few days ago. Contributing Editor Paul decided to go into “I told you so” mode because a news story suggested that evolution was more complex than simple genetic inheritance. His expert interpretation was that evolution was severely flawed. Naturally, he got lots of flak for this. Instead of letting it go, he made felt the need to post again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. Notice a pattern? This is immaturity at its most embarrassing. He continued to get lambasted with criticism in the comments.

Feeling the tide overtake him, he resorted to deleting comments. He also edited them. Those two steps weren’t enough for him to engineer “winning” the argument apparently though. He’s turned off comments for the latest stories.

It’s sad and way below Wizbang’s standards (or at least I assumed it was based on the quality of posts by both Kevin and Jay Tea of the same site). Considering their colleague’s recent behavior, maybe it’s time they put him in time-out, revoking both his posting and comment system manipulation, or kick him off the site completely (which wouldn’t be a big loss). I’d like to keep reading their site, but if they don’t help curb Paul’s immaturity or offer a way to subscribe to all the posts not written by Paul, I’ll have to remove it from my RSS reader.

Update: And again. Who’s the nutty one here? Will someone at Wizbang take control before the site turns into “The Paul Raging at Evolution Happy Hour”?

Update 2: And again. Again, the guy is a six year old.

Final Update: Thank you Kevin.

Update Redux: I can’t be sure that it’s not just an April Fool’s joke, but Paul posted again. That prompted Kevin to put Paul on hiatus. This was followed by a post by Jay. Again, this may prove to be an April fool’s joke. It was. Lame.